asset finance for equity release

Asset Finance for Equity Release

Asset finance is a well established, proven alternative to traditional bank loans, offering significant cash flow and tax benefits for businesses who are looking to purchase new equipment, vehicles or other fixed assets.

Hazeldene Asset Finance can help you purchase the equipment you need, without significant up-front costs.

However, what is not always considered is that Asset Finance can also provide significant cash-flow benefits to businesses by releasing equity (cash) that is tied up in existing assets. Hazeldene Asset Finance can refinance existing equipment you have already purchased, to release that capital back to you.

With many businesses having significant capital tied up in vehicles, plant, equipment or commercial property, being able to release some of that equity may be the answer to help boost your current cash flow. Whether those assets are machinery, equipment or vehicles Hazeldene can help you raise capital for your business by securing a loan against your assets.

Cash flow is critical for any business but unfortunately in the current COVID-19 epidemic, the economic climate has resulted in many businesses seeing their cash flow significantly impacted and may have also seen their bank facilities being negatively altered.

In addition to helping clients raise funds to assist with business expansion, Hazeldene Asset Finance has also been able to assist our clients who have experienced temporary problems in paying PAYE or Corporation Tax demands, recover from bad debt, or clear any arrears, reduce bank overdrafts or consolidate other debts.

Keeping up to date with technological advances is also critical to ensure that your tools or equipment are of a specification that will deliver maximum efficiency to your business.

Hazeldene Asset Finance is an independent finance company with access to a wide range of funders. We specialize in business finance and can offer a broad range of funding solutions to suit your needs.

Do you need funding for new Assets?

Want to keep capital in your business?

Curious as to what's available to suit your needs?

Our mission is to offer clear and concise advice on the funding solutions available to your business. We can tailor a package which will help spread the cost of plant, machinery, vehicles or any other assets your business may require.

If you don’t want to just take our word for it, see some of our customer reviews on our website, such as this testimonial from Green Energy Store:

"Quite often our customers ask for finance on our renewable products. For years we couldn’t offer it but then we got in touch with HAZELDENE Asset Finance. They now provide funding for our customers which has been fantastic in helping us win new business. Can’t recommend them highly enough!"

Why not give Hazeldene Asset Finance a call today to discuss how asset financing options can help your business. Call us on 028 9131 1292 or 07742 853335, or alternatively email us at INFO@HAZELDENEFINANCE.COM

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