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Marine Finance

Marine Finance If there has been one positive change from coronavirus, it is the number of people who are taking the time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors Northern Ireland, Ireland and GB have to offer.  Whether it’s hiking, a walk along the beach, an openwater swim or a run around the playpark with the kids […]

hgv finance and lorry leasing

Leasing or Financing an HGV Lorry

HGV & Lorry Finance Most businesses do not have sufficient capital on hand to purchase a Heavy Goods Vehicle or lorry outright.  Whether your current HGV just broke down and can’t be repaired or you have a growing business in need of your first lorry or a few more, you probably need to consider financing […]

electric car leasing northern ireland

Electric Car Leasing

Electric Car Leasing It’s a question we are starting to hear more often – should I get an electric car?  Many businesses are also looking at their carbon footprint to work out if now is the right time to start changing their commercial fleet to electric.  From Volkswagen to Tesla, Peugeot to BMW, all the […]

asset finance for equity release

Asset Finance for Equity Release

Asset Finance for Equity Release Asset finance is a well established, proven alternative to traditional bank loans, offering significant cash flow and tax benefits for businesses who are looking to purchase new equipment, vehicles or other fixed assets. Hazeldene Asset Finance can help you purchase the equipment you need, without significant up-front costs. However, what […]





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